Return to Fulwell

Posted by | November 08, 2014 | Golf Club Events | No Comments

As we are returning to Fulwell Golf Club in Middlesex next Friday, we thought we’d share some of the photos from our last visit.

This was a challenging event for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there were 52 players doing a shotgun start over 5 holes! We thought this had disaster written all over it if we’re honest. Not only that, they wanted a par 3 over water. Not something we’re keen on.

I’m glad to say we we’re proved wrong. No, it wasn’t the fastest 5 holes ever but there was beer and wine to keep people warm and plenty of banter on the tees. We even managed to lose a total of about 4-5 balls to the lake. They are obviously good players at this course.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, the bar was full afterwards and the club laid on food for everyone. The night was a success for the club and we are looking forward to returning next Friday.