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First Summer Night Golf Event

Night Golf—A First at Helsby  Read review from Helsby Golf Club News, August issue  (pdf) 

Here at Helsby, your Membership and Marketing committee are always looking for different things to ensure you, as members, enjoy your membership to the full and we recently organised a hugely successful Night Golf evening at the club in conjunction with “The Night Golf Company”

It happened on one of the many balmy evenings we have enjoyed recently, and there was a 9 hole competition starting at 7pm followed by some great food in the clubhouse – thanks again to Alan, Gemma and the team. Then when darkness descended at around 10.15pm, 32 hardy golfers took to the course once again but this time in the dark. 6 holes had been illuminated by white solar lights making the fairways resemble an airport runway! The greens were surrounded by green lights and the hazards by blue ones so the players knew where to avoid. The tee boxes were also brightly lit, there were light sabres for flags and players used luminous balls which were impressive in flight!

32 competitors took part and it was a fun evening with much laughter. We hope to do it again next spring and many thanks to the organisers and proshop for making it happen – the honours on the night were as follows

1st – Phil Starkey – 32pts
2nd – Ben Pollitt – 31pts
3rd – Jon Sharpe – 29pts

Helsby Golf Club

Jon Sharpe – Helsby Golf Club, getting into the spirit of things

Helsby Golf Club

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