What is Night Golf

Golf technology has made some incredible advances over the last 20 years and Night Golf is no different. Technology has enabled us to elevate this form of the game to a whole new level. Fairways, tees, paths and greens are lit up with coloured LED lights. Our own flags, which have up to 100 LED lights complete what is a visually stunning experience. Take a look at some of the images on our photo gallery.

The Night Golf Company are the leading UK provider of night golf events and the only one that offers a specialist service, providing full set-up and marshaling at all events by qualified and recognized professionals.

Benefits of Night Golf

Attraction, engagement and retention of members is a major challenge for a lot of golf clubs who have traditionally relied on a busy clubhouse and waiting lists for membership. Social events such as dinner dances, quiz nights, DJ’s and such like will always get support from some of the membership but, the truth is, they do very little to attract the young or those new to the club. Night golf is a great way of engaging your members socially, generating revenue and getting youngsters interested in the game.

The unique way in which we operate ensures there are no up-front costs to the club (other than a small, refundable deposit) and enables you to offer members a truly memorable and social event to add to the club’s calendar. Many clubs now host a Night Golf event on an annual basis.


Fairways are lit down the centre with white lights (They are paced out at 50 yard gaps!), greens are encircled with green lights and tees, bunkers and hazards are also lit up.

The Golf Balls

The balls are approved size and weight and will perform to about 90% of a normal golf ball. They contain 2 LED lights which illuminate when you hit them so you can see the whole flight of the ball through the air. Each player is given a different coloured ball and you are given spares (just in case!).


The Night Golf Company run and marshal the whole event to ensure you have a night to remember.

The Flags

The Night Golf Company supply their own flags, which have up to 100 LED lights complete what is a visually stunning experience.

Experienced Staff

The events are run by very experienced Professional Golfers & Event Managers. Our Managers have run numerous events and will ensure the way the course is set up has maximum visual impact. They will also be happy to advise on the best format and layout for your club.


The safety of golfers is our highest priority so we ensure only the safest walking routes are used and other hazards such as steep slopes are avoided. If in any doubt, we will set up additional lighting.

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We Are Golfers. We Are Professionals. We Are The Night Golf Company.

The Night Golf Company provide golf clubs, charities and corporate clients with a brand new way of experiencing the game. We offer a full set up service using the highest quality equipment to create a unique and visual experience. We are taking Night Golf in the UK to a new level.

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